Hot selling rectangular ecological small fish tank ultra white glass 5mm glass aquarium

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-Selling points of the product

1. Aesthetic decoration: Unique design adds a natural and warm atmosphere to homes or commercial venues.

2. Mind relaxation: watch fish swimming, promote relaxation and relieve pressure.

3. Ecological environment: Provide a good environment for fish growth and reproduction, increase negative ions in the air, and improve indoor air quality.

4. Office assistant: Placing a fish tank in the workplace can help improve employees’ work efficiency and emotional regulation.

5. Educational inspiration: cultivate children’s observation, patience, and sense of responsibility, and learn about fish farming knowledge.

-Personalized customization

Our customized services offer a variety of options based on your preferences and needs:

Size: Choose from mini to giant.

Material: High quality glass, environmentally friendly acrylic, etc., make your fish tank unique.

Shapes: square, circular, and irregular, satisfying your creative ideas.

Aquatic ecology: Tropical, freshwater, and seawater, allowing your pet to grow happily in a comfortable environment.

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-How to use

1. Set up a fish tank: Ensure that the tank is in a suitable position, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes. Place bedding materials such as sand or gravel and fill with an appropriate amount of water.

2. Installation of equipment: Install filters, heaters, and lighting devices according to the equipment manual and ensure their normal operation.

3. Add water plants and decorations: Choose water plants that are suitable for the aquatic environment, and add decorations according to personal preferences, such as rocks, caves, artificial vegetation, etc., to add beauty and ecological sense to the fish tank.

4. Gradually add fish: First, choose fish species that are adapted to water quality and temperature, and gradually introduce new fish to avoid sudden changes in water quality. The number of fish depends on the size of the fish tank and the ability of the filtration system.

5. Regular maintenance and cleaning: It is very important to maintain the water quality and environmental cleanliness of the fish tank. Regularly conduct water quality testing, replace water, clean filters, and regularly clean the bottom bed and decorations in the fish tank.

-Application Scenario

1. Family living spaces such as living room, bedroom, study, etc.

2. Commercial venues such as offices, meeting rooms, reception areas, etc.

3. Educational venues such as schools, kindergartens, libraries, etc.

4. Restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other leisure venues.


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1. Question: What is an automatic filtration aquarium fish tank?

Answer: The automatic filtration aquarium fish tank is a device that combines the functions of an aquarium and a filtration system. It can automatically circulate and filter water, feed fish regularly, and adjust water quality parameters to provide fish with a stable, clean, and healthy living environment.

2. Question: What are the advantages of automatically filtering aquarium fish tanks?

Answer: The advantages of automatically filtering aquarium fish tanks include:

The automatic filtration system can continuously clean and circulate water quality, reducing the frequency and workload of manual cleaning.

The timed feeding function can be preset to ensure that fish receive an appropriate amount of food and avoid overfeeding or underfeeding.

Built in water quality regulation function, such as adjusting parameters such as ammonia, nitrate, and pH value, to maintain stable water quality conditions.

Provide convenient control operations and water quality monitoring functions, remote control and monitoring through intelligent devices or applications.

3. Question: How to choose a suitable automatic filtration aquarium fish tank?

Answer: When selecting a suitable automatic filtration aquarium fish tank, the following factors should be considered:

The capacity and size of aquarium fish tanks should be selected based on the number and type of fish to be farmed.

The types and adjustable parameters of automation functions ensure that personal needs and breeding requirements are met.

A user-friendly operating interface and easy maintenance design to simplify the process of use and maintenance.

Price and budget, select products that meet the budget range.

4. Question: What maintenance work does the automatic filtration aquarium fish tank require?

Answer: Maintaining automatic filtration of aquarium fish tanks is crucial for the health of fish. Common maintenance tasks include:

Regularly replace filter media such as sponges, fillers, and activated carbon to maintain good water quality.

Clean the sewage outlets and pipelines in the filtration system to prevent blockage and flow problems.

Regularly inspect and clean the water pump to ensure normal operation and sufficient water flow.

Monitor and adjust water quality parameters, such as ammonia, nitrate, and pH value.

5. Question: What should I do if the automatic filtration aquarium fish tank malfunctions?

Answer: If the automatic filtration aquarium fish tank malfunctions, you can try the following solutions:

Check if the power connection and cables are properly connected.

Ensure that the water pump and filtration system are not clogged or obstructed by impurities.

Refer to the product manual or contact the manufacturer's technical support for more troubleshooting guidance.

If necessary, contact after-sales service for professional repair support.

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