Do you feel that there are more and more cute pet videos when you watch short videos on your mobile phone recently? “Sucking cats and petting dogs” has become a popular term in moments, short video platforms and social networking software. Want to know just how hot the pet craze is? A quick look at the statistics shows that the market size of the pet industry in China exceeded 200 billion yuan in 2020, with the average poop collector spending nearly 6,000 yuan on each pet.

Among the reasons for keeping pets in China, enriching love life accounted for 34.9%; Pure love of pets ranked second with 29.8%; Increasing the enjoyment of daily life accounted for 26.5%. The substitution of pets for spiritual sustenance has become increasingly apparent, which has become the main intrinsic driver for the growing number of pets. It is expected that by 2023, the market size of China’s pet industry will reach 592.8 billion yuan.


The pet market is booming
Pet smart supplies enter the 2.0 era

With the rapid development of 5G, big data, AI, cloud computing and other new technologies, accelerating the maturity of Internet of Things technology, pet smart hardware also ushered in a “golden age”, pet smart hardware is currently in a high growth stage. As the giants of technology, Internet and home appliances have entered the smart hardware circuit for pets, pet smart products are evolving from the 1.0 era, when they meet basic needs, to the 2.0 era, when the user experience is better.

The post-80s and post-90s generation is still the main consumption force in the pet industry. Efficiency is no exception for young people when it comes to pet care, with a new generation of pooper owners looking to use smart pet supplies to save time. In addition, due to the busy work, pooper officers often fail to take care of pets. In addition, when the epidemic is under control, there are often news that pooper officers cannot rush home to take care of pets. As a result, the demand of pooper officers for intelligent pet water dispensers, automatic feeders and other intelligent products has increased significantly.
During the “618″ period in 2021, data from and Tmall showed an explosive growth in pet smart products. Smart pet household products, such as smart litter boxes, cat water dispensers and automatic feeders, increased by more than 1300% year-on-year. Pet smart products in the 2.0 era, which are more intelligent, more connected with other smart products and can provide customized solutions according to pet characteristics, are increasingly favored by consumers. During this year’s Singles’ Day, there is such a cost-effective smart litter box, which has always occupied the top three positions on the Tmall list of fully automatic litter boxes. This is Xiao Yi’s fully automatic cat toilet. I am more curious about Xiao Yi through the use experience of the real object, and then the comprehensive research and investigation of it.


Xiao Yi — Focus on bringing better quality of life to pets

Why has this automatic litter box been in the top three for so long? During the field trip, I learned that in addition to the high cost performance, another major factor is the design concept focusing on safety considerations. Xiao Yi product development staff always put pet safety in the first place. Taking Xiao Yi automatic cat toilet as an example, researchers are very concerned about the safe operation of the litter box, and designed the unique intelligent safety door technology of Xiao Yi, which automatically stops working when touching the hatch door, which is the first of its kind in the industry. At the same time, six lines of defense are configured to prevent the occurrence of accidents such as clamping cats, so that our vast shovel poop officer is not only convenient to use, but also more worry. The concept is not limited to automated litter boxes, but also smart water dispensers and feeders, all with a strong focus on the safe pet experience.

At the same time, we also found that the company hopes to use cutting-edge technology to help the majority of shoveling officers free their hands, so that we and pets can enjoy the convenient and comfortable life brought by high intelligence. When pet raising enters the intelligent era, Xiao Yi aims to create a smart pet ecology, improve people’s pet emotion at the same time, make pet raising easy, fun and safe, and give pets more intelligent company.
Xiao Yi brand strategy upgrade, promote the development of smart pet supplies

In the research, the staff introduced that not long ago, Xiao Yi completed the brand strategy upgrade. The first is to upgrade the Logo. The new Logo uses the core features of the old logo — cat ears + cat tail, reflecting the attributes of Xiao Yi “pet cat intelligent appliance”. At the same time, the Logo has done a proper amount of improvement, to remove the original graphics in the more miscellaneous line elements, and into the new small one brand color – small one blue, so that the brand Logo display becomes more simple, pure, but also easier to be remembered.

Post time: Jan-29-2023
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