Hot selling custom size style fish tank acrylic and glass YEE small water tank aquarium mini fish tank

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-Selling points of the product

1. Aesthetic decoration: Unique design adds a natural and warm atmosphere to homes or commercial venues.

2. Mind relaxation: watch fish swimming, promote relaxation and relieve pressure.

3. Ecological environment: Provide a good environment for fish growth and reproduction, increase negative ions in the air, and improve indoor air quality.

4. Office assistant: Placing a fish tank in the workplace can help improve employees’ work efficiency and emotional regulation.

5. Educational inspiration: cultivate children’s observation, patience, and sense of responsibility, and learn about fish farming knowledge.

-Personalized customization

Our customized services offer a variety of options based on your preferences and needs:

Size: Choose from mini to giant.

Material: High quality glass, environmentally friendly acrylic, etc., make your fish tank unique.

Shapes: square, circular, and irregular, satisfying your creative ideas.

Aquatic ecology: Tropical, freshwater, and seawater, allowing your pet to grow happily in a comfortable environment.

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Q1: What types of fish are these desktop fish tanks suitable for?
A: Our desktop fish tank is suitable for various types of small freshwater fish, such as dwarf fish and unnecessary fish. Please pay attention to the size and characteristics of fish and choose the appropriate fish species.
Q2: How to set up and assemble a desktop fish tank?
A: Desktop fish tanks usually come with assembly and setup instructions. You need to place the fish tank in a stable position, add water and suitable filtering equipment, and gradually introduce the fish. Follow the instructions in the manual for operation.
Q3: Do I need to cycle the aquarium in advance?
A: Yes, circulating an aquarium is a very important step. Before introducing fish, you should cycle the aquarium for a few weeks to establish enough beneficial bacteria in the water to maintain stable water quality.
Q4: How much work does it take to maintain a desktop fish tank?
A: The maintenance of desktop fish tanks includes regular water replacement, cleaning of filters, and measurement of water quality parameters. Although relatively small, it still requires appropriate attention and maintenance.
Q5: Are these tabletop fish tanks equipped with filters?
A: Most desktop fish tanks come with appropriate filtration systems to help maintain water quality. The type and performance of filters may vary depending on the model of the fish tank.
Q6: How to ensure the water quality safety of desktop fish tanks?
A: Regular testing of water quality parameters, such as ammonia, nitrate, and pH, can ensure water quality safety. Proper filtration and water exchange are also key to maintaining water quality.
Q7: Can I plant aquatic plants in a tabletop fish tank?
A: Yes, many tabletop fish tanks are suitable for growing small aquatic plants. These plants not only provide oxygen, but also provide shelter and a sense of nature for fish.
Q8: Can other decorations be placed in the tabletop fish tank?
A: Yes, you can place stones, decorations, and substrates according to your personal preferences. Please ensure that these items have no adverse effects on fish and water quality.

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